By Mike Blower

Michael Blower Metropolitan NetworksHi, I’m Mike, I’ve been with Met Net for about 6 months and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the crew here and the services they offer. My eyes have been opened to the types of dangers that lurk on the web, and I feel that it’s important that we’re all aware of them. Every few weeks I will be writing on articles/news stories that I have have found the most useful for cyber security and technology in general.

Below are some stories I found around the web that I found interesting and maybe a little scary. It’s important to keep on top of the latest threats in order to protect your business and its reputation.


computer fanClever Attack Uses the Sound of a Computer to Steal Data

By Kim Zetter | 28 June 2016

This is an extreme form of hack and beyond my comprehension, however, it does show how advanced the threat could be, to steal data and does show that with this level of advancement, how easy it is to infiltrate a business’s IT system.


pokemon goLooking for Pokémon Go — especially in the UK, Europe or Canada? Beware of fake apps

By Alex Dobie | 11 July 2016

Pokémon Go has been a huge hit with Pokémon lovers all over the world. Unfortunately, the app isn’t available all over the world, yet, which leads people to download unauthorised versions. Beware of counterfeit versions that could compromise the security of your device. This article tells you what to look out for.

uk vs usUK has fastest mobile internet while US lags behind, says report

By Rich McCormick | 28 

With a great amount of gloom in the UK attributed to Brexit and our traditional British summer, it’s nice to grab hold of good news stories relating to the UK and why we can still consider ourselves to be Great Britain. Andy Murray, Lewis Hamilton and Chris Froome all had great success this weekend and from a technological stand point our mobile internet isn’t too shabby either.


iphone 7Analysts corroborate reports claiming the iPhone 7 will feature a Force Touch Home button

By Chance Miller  | 28 June 2016

As in previous years, the summer often brings speculation and a level of excitement as to what the next Iphone will bring and judging by this and other stories, it would appear as though they are running out of ideas. The story seems to focus on the home button and its ability to be more robust but how many of us have actually had a problem with previous Iphones and their Home buttons and will there be any further news stories which will make people want to upgrade. We’ll have to watch this space.