dead man finger to unlock phone3D Print Dead Man’s Fingers to Unlock His Phone

A really interesting story on how technological advances can assist with modern day police enquiries. Whilst this story doesn’t show if the experiment was successful, it is clearly a real possibility and is story I’ll be looking to follow up on to see how this worked out .



Finland Enviroment CrisisGreenland Just Lost a Trillion Tons of Ice and Nobody Noticed

A rather worrying story. In an age where the Earth’s climate is, as we are told, on the forefront of the majority of world leaders, how has this been missed. The film, An Inconvenient Truth spoke about the effect on the world’s climate if the ice on Iceland suddenly fell into the see, which would result in the jet stream effectively turning off, starting an instant ice age. So why is this not a bigger story!?!


bitcoin money launderingBitcoin Money Laundering Miami Judge

I find this quite unbelievable – a Judge in Miami didn’t prosecute a suspected money launderer because he traded using Bitcoins which the judge determined not to be cash. How does this decision effect the Ransomware threat and how cyber fraud that deals in Bitcoins can be tackled by the authorities?


amazon dronesAmazon Expands Drone Testing in Britain

This seems a little overwhelming, there are just too many ‘How’s’ in making this work. Weight, wind, tall structures and trees, delivery to the right address and person and how many drones will there be? How do you even begin to tackle what seems to me to be a mammoth task.