This week I’m veering off the beaten track of cyber security and general tech and covering some subjects I found quite interesting:
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‘I’m not afraid – it seems safe!: China opens longest glass-bottomed bridge

by Agence France-Presse

A fantastic feat of engineering which leaves me wondering how flexible the materials are to cope with the high wind speeds. I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable walking on this in calm conditions!


mikes likes metropolitan networks name meaningDiscover the meaning and history behind your last name


Some may know, some may wonder, others might not care. Here’s a little link to find out where your last name originated from.


metropolitan networks, mikes likes global warmingCruel Summer: Floods, fires and heat

by Andrew Freedman

Global warming seems to have been a topical subject now for a few decades but yet never really seems to get the full attention it deserves. I remember in my teens, colder winters, warmer summers and less gales then we’ve experienced of late. Clearly the climate has changed significantly in 20 years, a relatively small amount of time. When are the world leaders going to prioritise investigating the causes so we can effectively start to repair the damage?

mikes likes stranger things metropolitan networksThe secret LSD-fuelled CIA experiment that inspired Stranger Things

by Richard Vine

A Fantastic show on Netflix. I’ve just completed the 8 episodes of Stranger Things and can’t wait for the next series. In the meantime, an interesting story/conspiracy theory on how the shows idea originated.