Following is a short list of recent articles on cybersecurity and advice on how to avoid the latest threats and protect your network.

Keep yourself safe with these cybersecurity tips from GCHQcybersecurity articles GCHQ security tips

Ciaran Martin, GCHQ’s director general of cybersecurity, gives advice on preventing cyber-attacks.




The Best Free Antivirus Protection of 2016cybersecurity articles free antivirus protection

On a tight budget and looking for ways to save money but not compromise your PC’s security?




MySQL zero-day exploit puts some servers at risk of hackingcybersecurity articles MySQL server vulnerability

Your MySQL servers could be vulnerable to attack. ‘The flaw, tracked as CVE-2016-6662, can be exploited to modify the MySQL configuration file (my.cnf) and cause an attacker-controlled library to be executed with root privileges if the MySQL process is started with the mysqld_safe wrapper script.’ Click here to find out how to avoid breach.




Dropbox Responds to Mac ‘Security Risk’ Accusationscybersecurity articles Drop Box vulnerabilities 

Dropbox has the capability to circumvent the safeguards of your Mac which could leave your data vulnerable. ‘Concerns were raised after it was demonstrated that Dropbox appears in the Security & Privacy tab for Accessibility, despite the fact that users are never prompted to grant access to the features.’




Computer-killing USB drives now on sale for less than $60cybersecurity articles computer killing USB

For as little as £45 someone can buy a USB device which can fry a computer in just a few seconds.




Here’s How to Hack Windows/Mac OS X Login Password (When Locked)cybersecurity articles windows log in hack

A Security Researcher has discovered an unusual attack method to steal passwords from locked computers.




An unknown state may be running drills for taking down the entire internetcybersecurity articles internet at risk 

A rather disturbing article – an unknown government may be testing the defenses of the internet with the intention of bringing down the web.




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