Airlines In Other Countries Are Also Banning The Galaxy Note 7Mikes Likes 18 October1

By Tyler Lee

I, like others, have heard about the issue that Samsung have had with their new phone, however, with so much else going on, such as the presidential candidate debate, I hadn’t picked up or conceived of the knock-on effects. I’m sure that this will be sorted quickly by Samsung but none the less, this story demonstrates how serious a situation like this can be. This story might actually be useful if you have one of the phones and are about to travel.


Two weeks in the mountains can change your blood for monthsMikes Likes 18 October4 

By Richard A. Lovett

An interesting story about the human body’s ability to adjust to its climate. In this case with long-term beneficial effects and the possibility of this research leading to medical research.


Mikes Likes 18 October2 We Should Replace the Floors in Every Airport with These Magical Conveyor Belts

By Andrew Liszewski

I love the idea of floors at the airport being like the one shown in the article. In the short video, it’s amazing to see how maneuverable and precise this machine is.


Ford design chief Moray Callum is preparing for a driverless societyMikes Likes 18 October3 

By Tamara Warren

Autonomous cars. Are they the future? It would appear that Ford believes they are, however, with the problems Tesla have faced and Apple announcing that it’s putting a hold on its planned tech it will be interesting to see what other car manufacturers will do.