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Current Cyber Scams

  Metropolitan Networks strives to keep clients and subscribers up to date on the latest cyber threats. Cybercrime is on the rise, so it's imperative to educate ourselves and others around us to stay clear [...]

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Teleworking – How to Make Your Company’s VPN More Secure

By: Carl Whale - Senior Networking Engineer at Metropolitan Networks In recent years there has been a significant increase of employees working remotely from home or from a public WiFi connection requiring secure access to corporate [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions for Network Managers

As the Christmas food coma begins to lift and with new beginnings on the brain, it’s a good time to inspect and revamp your network to avoid any nasty surprises in the coming year. We [...]

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Latest Cyber Scams

It's hard to keep up with all the changing and evolving scams on the web, so we will be regularly researching and posting the most recent scams in our to keep our readers aware of what to [...]

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Why You Should Never Ever Re-use Passwords

By Laura Brasington Last week we had the opportunity to sit on a Cybersecurity Panel at an event hosted by NatWest. In the question and answer session, a gentleman asked me about passwords and whether [...]

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Mike’s Likes – 18 October

Airlines In Other Countries Are Also Banning The Galaxy Note 7 By Tyler Lee I, like others, have heard about the issue that Samsung have had with their new phone, however, with so much else going [...]

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Must-Read Cybersecurity Articles

Following is a short list of recent articles on cybersecurity and advice on how to avoid the latest threats and protect your network. Keep yourself safe with these cybersecurity tips from GCHQ Ciaran Martin, GCHQ’s [...]

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The Advantages of Managed Hosting for Small Businesses

Managed hosting is an IT service in which a hosting provider takes care of all server and networking needs including the managing, monitoring and maintaining of the complete environment along with any hardware procurement needs. [...]

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Mike’s Likes 23rd August 2016

    This week I'm veering off the beaten track of cyber security and general tech and covering some subjects I found quite interesting: 'I'm not afraid - it seems safe!: China opens longest glass-bottomed bridge [...]

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Mike’s Likes – 27 July

  3D Print Dead Man's Fingers to Unlock His Phone A really interesting story on how technological advances can assist with modern day police enquiries. Whilst this story doesn’t show if the experiment was successful, [...]

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