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What is Phishing, Vishing, SMiShing and Pharming? (Infographic)

These confusing terms may sound like they belong in a Dr Seuss book but they are means that cyber criminals use to obtain sensitive information which would be used for personal gain. Target information: Full [...]

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Mike’s Picks – July 2016

By Mike Blower Hi, I'm Mike, I've been with Met Net for about 6 months and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the crew here and the services they offer. My eyes have been opened to [...]

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Our New Data Centre is Up and Running

  After years of planning, consulting and construction our new Dedicated Data Centre is complete! It has been a long term company goal to have a completely modern and secure data centre to better serve [...]

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How Scammers Monetise Stolen Credit Card Data: Infographic

Perhaps you've wondered how scammers actually make money from stolen credit/debit card data. So many checks are in place to keep card data from being used maliciously. But scammers are like water running down hill, [...]

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Mark Zuckerberg Has Been Hacked, Your Account Could Be Next

Late on Sunday, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts for Twitter and Pinterest were hacked. The hacker(s) known only as OurMine Team flagrantly posted messages on Zuckerberg’s Twitter page showing off their access. The [...]

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2013 Social Media Hacks Back to Bite Us: What to Know

Back in 2013, a series of cyber-attacks which plagued social media sites are now coming back to haunt us. Linked In, Tumblr and My Space were all hit in 2013 and millions of email addresses [...]

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The LinkedIn Data Dump: How to Check Your Account

In 2012 LinkedIn was hacked by Russian cyber criminals, who extracted more than 164 million account details including usernames and passwords. Initially, there was only thought to be 6.5 million accounts compromised, that number has [...]

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What’s Your Weakest Link in Cyber Security? Infographic

Each year businesses lose millions of pounds to cyber criminals. On a daily basis, company websites are breached, compromising personal data and costing thousands. Therefore, it is important to know where the weakest link in cyber [...]

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5 Must-See TED Talks on Cybersecurity and Hacking

Ted Talks are an excellent source of bite-size information on almost any subject, here are some of the best on the topic of  cybersecurity. What’s Wrong with Your Pa$$w0rd? by Lorrie Faith Cranor Lorrie Faith [...]

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Atlantic Endeavour

Let's have a break from the usual tech talk. Imagine a tiny row boat at the mercy of the Atlantic Ocean, mountainous waves, never ending fatigue in a cycle of gruelling, back breaking rowing and [...]

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