Fortinet and Metropolitan Networks provide enterprise level security to an SME business.


Xdelta is a highly specialised software developer for organisations which supply life critical services. They work extensively in OpenVMS based systems and infrastructure. XDelta has recently announced a partnership with VMS Software Inc. (VSI) as the first European member of the VSI Professional Services Alliance.

Services provided by XDelta include:

  • Technical leadership and direction.
  • Project and programmer management.
  • Infrastructure design and implementation.
  • Systems migration between hardware architectures and platforms


XDelta was in need of network security hardware to provide wide functionality and a simple user interface. The requirements included an IPsec VPN to remotely access systems and power up equipment with Wake-on-LAN packets, VLAN support for multiple internal network and routing between these networks.

Again the CIEH looked to Metropolitan Networks to remedy this problem, which was quite a straight forward and inexpensive one:

  1. Place a small Fortigate on the network edge to offer AV protection, for all company e-mail, http, SMTP, imap, pop, and ftp traffic.
  2. Educate staff on the importance of using local AV software, and keeping it up to date.
  3. Use the PacketLogic to block potentially.compromising applications such as file sharing.


After a consultation with Metropolitan Networks and XDelta’s CEO Colin Butcher, it was decided that Fortinet’s Fortigate 60D firewall which is a single UTM device, covered the multi-level requirements that XDelta was looking for. Before installation, Fortigate FG-60D underwent rigorous testing in XDelta’s network environment. It included good packet throughput with complete security and visibility realised. XDelta, satisfied with the results continued with the implementation of the Fortinet UTM device. Delivery and implementation was swift, with the few queries resolved in collaboration with Metropolitan Networks.


Since implementation, the firewall has been stable with no disruption to business operations.
Xdelta has had complete, secure and reliable remote access to their lab facilities, for example whilst giving sessions at OpenVMS Advanced Technical Symposium in the States they had seamless access to their networks based in Bristol, England.
In addition, the FG-60D included multiple features which XDelta had considered purchasing separately as individual products, saving a considerable amount of time and money. It also includes the ability to allow firewall rules to other protocols such pass-through for DECnet over IP, set up of an NTP server and creating DHCP reservations.

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What Client’s Say

“Delivery and implementation was swift, with the few queries resolved in collaboration with Metropolitan Networks”.
Sean Mohammed, IT Manager, Colin Butcher, CEO