Is Your Network Truly Secure?

Fortinet Professional CertifiedNetworks and their existing security provisions need constant monitoring and regular updates to stay ahead of the latest cyber threats. But to be ready for an attack you need to know where your network is vulnerable, you can either wait for a breach to happen or have your system audited.


  • Fast: No more than 7 days of monitoring
  • Simple: No network down-time
  • Thorough: Covers Security, Productivity and Performance
  • Free

A Cyber Security Assessment – what it will do:

  • Security and Threat Prevention – conducts a thorough scan of your entire network and detects any vulnerabilities or existing threats hiding in the system, i.e. malware/botnets.
  • User Productivity – identifies all social media and messaging apps operating on the network for reliable application and visibility control.
  • Network Use and Performance – monitors your sessions, throughput and bandwidth usage during times of high traffic—network utilisation and monitoring tests for performance optimisation.

Watch this video to see how else we can help:

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