IT Network Design

We provide complete IT network design services creating IT systems which meet your every requirement.

IT Network Design LondonAt Metropolitan Networks we pride ourselves in our IT Network Design Service. Our engineers experienced will guide you through the network design process.

We will assess your organisation’s needs through an auditing process and consultation and match you with the appropriate equipment and services with foresight to growth and development. We guarantee to design and install a robust and versatile IT network that will meet the needs of your organisation.

IT network design services

We at Metropolitan Networks are aware and take into careful consideration all the aspects of network design, which include: server platforms, firewalls, LAN infrastructure, storage environments, WAN design and other related third-party applications and hardware.

As part of our IT network design services we work with you to decide what Hardware and Software to put in place and will create a well thought out plan with documentation for you.

Once you are satisfied with our recommendations and that they suit your specific needs we will then work to install your network.

For further information about our IT network design services or to speak with a member of our team, please contact us.

Meet our Engineers - Lisa Caesar

Lisa Caesar has been an IT professional since 1992. She has a BSc. Computer Science from the University of the West Indies, an M.Ed in Instructional Technology from the University of South Florida and has been PMP certified since 2007. Lisa has had various management roles since 2005 and has been the Operations Manager at Metropolitan Networks Caribbean Ltd since 2013. She has had considerable project management experience with major implementations such a centralized IP telephony with distributed paging and intercom systems across an organization with multiple branch offices, a datacentre relocation and network upgrade, and the implementation of a centralized student information system which would support the functions of the Registry, Bursar’s Office and Student Support Services at a local University.

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