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With the high demand on bandwidth and increased user expectations Load Balancing has become a vital service for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Even the most robust networks need their incoming traffic directed properly to ensure constant availability. At Metropolitan Networks we can design and install a load balancing system to best fit the needs of your business. We also offer Managed Load Balancing which guarantees 24/7 monitoring of you systems and should there be any issues, they are dealt with in a timely manner.

We offer a variety of Load Balancing Services: from basic software options to separate hardware appliances, we can match your network with the right system to manage incoming traffic effectively. Contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our engineers.

Load balancing key features and performance benefits

  • Faster response times achieved as the load balancers intelligently share requests between servers.
  • Selecting the most appropriate nodes to use ensures the optimal use of resources within a solution.
  • Optimal load distribution results in improved application performance.
  • Having multiple nodes available creates highly resilient solutions, reducing the effects of hardware failure.
  • Enhanced reliability from monitoring all nodes in the cluster to determine the optimal distribution of requests.
  • Session affinity and stickiness are supported; by ensuring a particular user hit a specific node any session-based user parameters and data are retained.
  • Optional web acceleration and security features available (configure the load balancing to cache, accelerate and secure content in a manner which improves user experience)
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Carl_Whale-pictureCarl Whale has been a Senior Networking Engineer at Metropolitan Networks Ltd. since 2002. Carl has 25 years experience in Networking and security pre and post sales roles. He has a Cisco CCNP, CCDP certifications and is an Extreme Networks Specialist ENS and Fortinet Certified Network Security Professional FCNSP.

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