Local and Cloud backup londonMetropolitan Networks offers reliable and robust local and  cloud backup to ensure that your data is secure and accessible.

Having a local backup, (i.e. internal/external hard drives, CD’s, flash drives and Network Attached Storage NAS) is essential to keep a reliable and accessible back up of your source data in the event of hard drive failures, malware, accidental deletes or deliberate sabotage.

Local backups alone will not secure your data from theft, fire and natural disasters which is why a reliable remote/cloud backup service is necessary. Doing this will keep your data accessible and secure from any unforeseeable disaster.

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Meet our Engineers - Mike Walker

Mike WalkerMike Walker had been a Systems Engineer since 2004 and has been with Metropolitan Networks Ltd. since 2012. He is proficient in virtualisation, storage subsystems: NAS and SAN, server hardware and software, help desk systems using the ITIL framework, monitoring systems, scripting, automation, backup and disaster recovery.

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