High demand data could be at risk without reliable load balancing solutions

virtual and managed hosting londonA wide range of managed services provided by Metropolitan Networks for businesses of all sizes and nature have made it possible for organisations to adapt and function smoothly with the help of the technical advancements. We specialize in various IT based services that includes VoIP, IT network design and managed services that includes managed load balancing, managed hosting, and more.

With internet traffic being heavier than it has ever been and higher user expectations for consistent and lightning-fast connections, Load Balancing has become more important than ever. With Managed Load Balancing, we can design, install and manage a system to best fit the needs of your business.

How Load Balancing works: A network of hardware load balancers will receive and sort incoming traffic, which will allow your data load to be shared between all of your servers. And should a server fail, the system will re-direct traffic from the failed server, so that your connection is never interrupted, facilitating constant availability.

Our trained and certified engineers will not only manage and maintain the load balancing service, but provide around-the-clock support. Should your system require emergency repairs or need attention in some way, we will ensure that every need is met.

Metropolitan Networks’ Managed Load Balancing Service increases:

  • Availability – Load Balancing hardware is given regular ‘health checks’ and taken offline for repairs if there are any issues.
  • Scalability – demand can be easily matched with automatically adding or removing servers from the server farm.
  • On-line Capacity – more users can connect as traffic is shared equally between servers. As a result, more FTP, HTTP and SSL services can be provided.

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Meet our Engineers - Carl Whale

Carl_Whale-pictureCarl Whale has been a Senior Networking Engineer at Metropolitan Networks Ltd. since 2002. Carl has 25 years experience in Networking and security pre and post sales roles. He has a Cisco CCNP, CCDP certifications and is an Extreme Networks Specialist ENS and Fortinet Certified Network Security Professional FCNSP.

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What Clients Say

I met Metropolitan Networks, while I was working as an expatriate in Trinidad. The company I was with bought a packet sharper solution from his company and I can say that all are perfect gentleman, highly professional and very knowledgeable. The company worked aggressively and diligently to meet our strict SLA, providing round the clock support on their solution. Is a pleasure to work and do business with. I will definitely recommend him.
Jide Akintola, Head of Network Engineering and Design, TMX Atrium
Whilst in Metropolitan Network’s position as SE at Telindus and during my role as Technical Support Engineer with Extreme we teamed up on many critical accounts together to resolve complex network and commercial issues. Met-Net’s professionalism and methodical approach always made it a pleasure to work with him. His customer focus is one of the best I have come across within the industry.
Robert Wright, Senior Systems Engineer, Juniper Networks
Metropolitan Networks is an extremely talented team from both a technical perspective in there core area but also building relationships with customers from a business perspective. A good all-rounder.
Darren Houlcroft, Head of Systems Integration, IP, Packet Core, SDN
I had an extremely positive experience working with Metropolitan Networks team. Met-Net is trustworthy, reliable, and extremely hard working. They provides tremendous value to both his customers, business partners and suppliers.
Amir Khan, Senior Account Manager, Pivotal Software, Inc.