In order to ensure maximum security for your business, Metropolitan Networks integrates some of the best in the industry systems, including Firewalls, Managed Two Factor Authentication, and DDoS Mitigation.

Network Security is a critical concern in modern business. When it comes to the development, storage and sharing of data, companies must be sure that they are complying with all relevant guidelines and regulations to keep their data 100 percent secure.

Metropolitan Networks has a dedicated team of network security consultants – experts in their field. Our IT security team works with organisations to ensure that their security arrangements are adequate and any risks are identified, prioritized and acted upon swiftly.

 data storage backup recovery LondonOur Approach to Network Security
We believe that the best way to keep information and systems secure is to put pre-emptive measures in place. By using preventative solutions, businesses are more likely to keep control of their assets, funds and data.
Metropolitan Networks is able to recommend products and services that will minimize risk and keep your business safe. We can also provide a range of other options, including:
●     Analysis and risk management, to identify the needs of your business.
●     Implementation of technology to improve security, such as Next Generation Firewalls.
●     Software, such as email and web scanners, to protect your network from malicious attacks.
●     Content control and bring your own device (BYOD) policies that benefit your business and employees.
●     End point security and permission management.
●     Event monitoring, which allows threats to be detected quickly.
●     Mobile data security across all platforms and operating systems.

The Advantages of a Secure System.

Metropolitan Networks considers security at every level of the organisation, from the devices employees use on a daily basis to the very core of your network and infrastructure.
Once Metropolitan Networks has assessed your company’s risk and implemented the required solutions, your business will benefit from:
●     A proactive, flexible security strategy, individually designed for your business.
●     Visibility of your security policies at an enterprise level.
●     Compliance with internal, external and legal security frameworks.
●     The ability to report on progress and identify opportunities for improvement.
●     Reduced cost and risk across the organisation.
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Meet our Engineers - Biprojit Ray

BiprojitBiprojit Ray, is a Network Engineer at Metropolitan Networks Ltd., he holds a Masters in IT from UEL and has a sound knowledge in routing, switching, load balancing with A10 devices and networking security. He helps clients find the best solutions for their IT and security needs and guides them in developing the technology side of their business in terms of growth and stability. Specializing in Fortinet firewalls, AP, Extreme switches and security systems.

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