US traffic work from home VPNTrain strikes, traffic jams, delays, bad weather, not feeling well enough to travel to the office –all of these things cause a loss of productivity for every company. So, why not implement a secure working from home solution?

Securely working from home can save time and money and it is actually very simple and cost effective to implement. Metropolitan Networks can implement a simple and secure working from home solution for your company using VPN technology.

As well, a VPN is not just for remote workers that can’t make it into the office, if your business is expanding to a second site, then data can be shared securely between the two (or more) sites via a VNP.

What is a VPN?  – a VPN (Virtual Private Network) extends a private network (your business) across a public network (the internet). A VPN allows you to create a secure, encrypted connection between two networks using the Internet as the transport medium. A VPN is the most secure method of transmitting data online. Some of the benefits of using a VPN are:

  • Cost effective – because you are using the Internet as your transport medium, a VPN is cost effective, you just require VPN client software and a VPN terminating device which is normally a firewall.
  • Secure – The data transmitted across the VPN is heavily encrypted.
  • Improves Productivity – If transport strikes, bad weather, delays or transport cancellations prevent your employees from getting to work, then they can use the VPN and access all of the network resources just the same as if they were in the office.
  • Reduces Cost – Once a VPN is set up, the cost of maintaining it are very low.
  • Benefits employees – Reduces travel costs, saves time and provides them with a better work/life balance.

We are not saying that all employees should be working from home via a VPN all of the time  – our advice is to implement a secure VPN solution that will allow your company and its employees the benefits of being able to work from home as and when required – and we at Metropolitan Networks can help you to achieve this.

Meet our Engineers - Darnell Daniell

Darnell Daniell, Metropolitan NetworksDarnell Daniell is a Solutions Engineer with Metropolitan Networks Caribbean Ltd. He earned a certificate in Computer Operation and Business Management from the CTS College of Business and Computer Science Limited. He currently has MCSA, MCP, MCTS and MCITP Server and Enterprise Administrator Microsoft Certifications. He also has NCDA, NAIP, and NCIE-SAN NetApp certifications together with VMware VCP certifications. Darnell has been working in the IT industry since 2007. He has developed competencies creating and deploying server infrastructure, creating physical and virtual datacentre environments, managing data conversions between physical and virtual environments, the deployment of network storage solutions. He has implemented network infrastructure using Server 2012, Microsoft Hyper-V, Exchange 2010, Lync 2010, SharePoint 2013 and other Microsoft and third party vendor solutions.

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