From congested to clean – how to manage internet abuse – Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago

Bring visibility to the Judiciary’s internet connection through the implementation of an effective traffic surveillance/ shaping tool from Procera Networks.


The Judiciary works towards the resolution of conflict in the society by resolving disputes which arise out of the operation of laws and involve the application of remedies and the punishment of offenders.


The Judiciary found its 4 mbps WAN connection was heavily overloaded and work was grinding to a halt. There was no way to identify the causes or prioritize mission-critical applications. The Network Administrator, Anthony Mathison explains: “Even though our bandwidth was increased from 1.5 mb to 4 mb it made no difference, our internet was still extremely slow and our ISP was threatening to disconnect our service because of all the BitTorent traffic and P2P traffic that they were seeing on the line.”


Metropolitan Networks recommended Packet Logic from Procera Networks as an effective solution to this problem. Its advanced traffic shaping tools enables the Judiciary to allocate bandwidth discriminately for mission-critical applications. Powerful deep packet inspection capabilities offered the much needed surveillance to identify inbound and outgoing traffic in real time on a full Layer 7 analysis, collecting statistics and shaping or blocking as required.

The Packet Logic not only allowed the Judiciary to inspect how their bandwidth was being used and identify problems, but also offered a solution to those problems. As an application layer firewall it is also able to block non-essential bandwidth consuming applications such as instant messaging and file sharing. It can also divide and assign bandwidth for different activities and reserve a premium for the most mission critical traffic.


Restricting what shouldn’t be there, allowing what should, providing essential network management information and statistics of detailed packet-contents, the Packet Logic is an invaluable tool. Mr Mathison said, “On the day the Packet Logic was installed internet traffic improved dramatically, we have over 200 internet users sharing a 4 mb connection and they are now all extremely satisfied.”