The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your IT Support

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More and more companies have turned to outsourcing their IT support, either completely or partially, to save money and to have access to advancing technologies. But is outsourcing really the best option for your business?


Cost Reduction – When IT support is outsourced the company has lower costs in recruiting, payroll, benefits and bonus payments. Everything from the cost of office supplies to trainings are reduced.

Expertise – An IT company would have a team of dedicated and experienced engineers who, on a regular basis, deal with computer and network problems and glitches on the corporate level. They would also have access to specialised talent that may very well be out of budget for an in-house IT department.

New Methods and Technologies – Outsourcing companies have access to the latest technologies and resources because of their placement in the industry.


The Changeover – If you already have an established IT department, the initial transition can be problematic. Plans will need to be shared with existing employees in a sensitive and timely manner and the correct processes must be taken.

Unexpected Costs – It is very important to understand what is offered, at what cost per month and what that includes. Be careful about the language used in the negotiation process. For example, IT support, managed service and fully-managed service can mean different things to different providers. (Explained here.) There can also be costs associated with selecting a company and transitioning to them, as well as travel expenses.

Sluggish Response Time – Time is money, it can be expensive if too much time is spent on hold. Establish with your IT provider how much time is acceptable between the report of a problem and its resolution.

Security risks – Hiring an outside firm can present security risks if the correct processes and procedures are not followed.