Do I Really Need a Network Audit?

What is a Network Audit?network audit

A Network Audit is a comprehensive health check and overview of a company’s network. The final report will include:

  1. A device inventory
  2. Connectivity overview
  3. Diagrams of all your network devices (servers, switches, firewalls, etc.)
  4. How traffic is managed
  5. How your resources are impacted.

Why a Network Audit?

The purpose of a network audit is to capture the current state of the network and to make observations and recommendations on how to improve it. Just as it is beneficial for your body to have a regular health check, your network could also benefit from an audit.

Is it Necessary?

You may not know that you need a Network Audit until you have one. Very often problems like insecure firewalls or interface errors are discovered in an audit that would have gone unnoticed costing more time and money in the long run.

What are the benefits?

Once problems and efficiency issues are identified they can then be dealt with before they cause significant problems.

How do I get one?

Many IT Support companies offer free preliminary audits or a complete Network Audit as part of an Annual Maintenance Contract. Alternatively, you can pay for a more comprehensive audit, independent of a contract.

Metropolitan Networks offers a free Preliminary Network Audit, for more information contact us.

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