How Managed IT Services is a Game Changer for Your Business

managed it servicesWhether your business is small or large you will have IT and security needs, and as you grow your needs grow with you. Though hiring expert talent is really the ideal method to meet those needs it is not always possible to do so and keep your bottom line happy too. Luckily there are options to meet those growing needs without putting undue strain on the purse strings.

Imagine being able to rely on an outsourced partner that you can trust to monitor your systems for faults and breaches with a desktop support to be on call whenever you need assistance. You might think that that peace of mind comes with a price tag that is beyond your ability to cope, but when comparing like for like, hiring a managed service provider will always work out in the business’ favour, as opposed to hiring and maintaining a team of professionals to meet the same needs.

The top ways Managed IT Services will benefit your business:

Consolidation and reduction of costs: Outsourcing negates the need to recruit and hire talent in-house as well as having to pay their salaries, training and the resources they need, i.e. computers, phones, desk space, etc., not to mention holiday time and sick leave. Costs can also be saved as you will no longer need to invest in expensive software or the latest technologies.

Expertise: When hiring an independent Managed Service Company you will have access to experienced, qualified and certified engineers and personnel who deal with a number of clients just like you and will have the knowledge and expertise of your network infrastructure to meet your needs in less time and expense than having someone in-house to solve the problem.

Latest technology: A quality Managed IT Service Provider will keep on top of the latest technologies and updates that every business must adapt to to keep up with evolving trends. New projects and industry regulations can be implemented with much less time and expense than having to bring in the changes yourself.

Concentrate on core actives: Time is money, and time will be saved when your managers and employees can focus on your core business goals rather than supporting ones.

Level the playing field: Being able to compete with larger businesses and their larger budgets is a clear advantage. Having a Managed Service Provider looking after all your IT needs so you don’t have to frees up valuable time and money which can be put to supporting your clients and improving your business.

Compliance, Security and Assessments: Keeping up to date with constant shifts in cyber security and industry regulations can be a full time job in itself. Any Managed Service Company worth their salt will keep on top of any changes or immediate risks and keep you secure and up to date. As well, your support company will run regular network and security audits which are necessary for monitoring network traffic and assessing the overall function of your network infrastructure.

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