Mark Zuckerberg Has Been Hacked, Your Account Could Be Next

mark zuckerberg hackedLate on Sunday, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts for Twitter and Pinterest were hacked. The hacker(s) known only as OurMine Team flagrantly posted messages on Zuckerberg’s Twitter page showing off their access. The posts have since been deleted.

Zuckerberg broke the cardinal rule of online security – never reuse passwords. According to one of the tweets posted by the hackers, his was one of the 164 million emails and passwords taken in the LinkedIn hack from 2012 and the password he used was very simple and memorable: ‘dadada’.

For several years, security experts have warned us of the dangers of reusing and having overly simple passwords. Simple passwords can be cracked using ‘brute force’, meaning a hacker can employ a computer program which will cycle through all the combination of possibilities until the correct one is found.

Some think that having unique passwords for each site means that each password must be committed to memory. While that would be ideal, it’s an impossible feat for the average human; we recommend using a password manager, there are various ones available to help keep all your sensitive data safe.

It is very likely that we will be seeing more of these breeches in the near future as more of the LinkedIn hack comes to light.

If you are worried that any of your accounts are vulnerable, find out what to do here.


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