What’s Your Weakest Link in Cyber Security? Infographic

Each year businesses lose millions of pounds to cyber criminals. On a daily basis, company websites are breached, compromising personal data and costing thousands. Therefore, it is important to know where the weakest link in cyber security lies and how to prevent attacks in the future. Knowing where vulnerabilities are is the first step to securing systems and avoiding breaches, this can save businesses a significant amount of time and money. Below is an infographic outlining where businesses are the most vulnerable and how to guard against future attacks. Beneath the infographic are some suggested steps to take to protect your business.

The data for the infographic is taken from a recent government survey: Information Security Breaches.

the weakest link in cyber security infographic


Steps to take to protect your business from cyber attacks:

  1. Recognise the risks – The first step to protecting your business is to where vulnerabilities are.
  2. Set up a plan of action –  Hold regular board and discuss security policies and procedures regularly.
  3. Educate staff – Keep staff up to date and informed and provide regular training.
  4. Carry out regular checks – Inspect and test firewalls and security systems, follow-up with staff to make sure procedures are followed properly.

The UK Government provides a Cyber Essentials Scheme, this gives businesses the resources they need to protect themselves.

Finally, a regular security audit carried out by an independent company will ensure that all your network devices are up-to-date and functioning properly.

free security audit



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